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Millenium Fall-con 2001(satr wars clues)
towers of clowns, become space clown ship.

same script ,characters visual representation of sept 11, plus who else can make models but thefather of model making 40 foot fireworks.
Stand in the plaza (911AZA) and look up to the top of the towers and voila ...x
and if  ya wanna get cerebral the cosmist are portrayed as systems and royal bloodlines ,also spaceships have classes, smh 

odds on standing in front of the towers and the panorama plus the towers  making the star wars millenium falcon,

odds on star wars and september 11 using same narrative,pr

odds are even once you realise the collapse was models,

millenium fall-con (satr wars clues)

same script 24 years ahead same design of millenium falcon , same model makers shh, dont tell anyone you,ll sound tsilly


9devided by 11= 0B1 KENOBI OR .081 RECURRING, recurring
8 finished with a religious sect returning , the jedi.s jihad.
7. blatant masonic choice and absolutes prehabillitation from both movies 911 or satr wars . and a bogey man .
6,both cloud citys are run by ethnic mobsters ( oh hat tip 2 is the hotel that shined over looking this was a millennium Hilton monolith.
5.they froze carbonite a resource in a monolith shape hat tip number one.they froze petrol prices also.
4 the empire strikes back (2nd film) , and so does the empire state building
3. the mfc takes luke and leia to cloud city . the collapsing towers cause new York to become cloud city
2, the male and female twins, luke and leia ,tower a and b.
1, millennium fall-con = September the 11 2001, millennium falcon han solo spaceship. Stand in the plaza (911AZA) and look up to the top of thetowers and voila , THE MILLENIUM FALL-CON 
bad fast 

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